Iero’s state-of-the-art technology combines the power of context and individual user preferences in delivering a new-age user experience.

Our contextual recommendations engine integrates user preferences derived from multiple sources including purchase history, app usage, fine grained behavioral indicators based on location, time and other factors to curate an insightful 360-degree view. Such enriched insights help in personalizing the user experiences.


We enable businesses to engage their users at the right moment on a one to one basis and empower them to make informed decisions. Hence, businesses can leverage this Phygital experience to win the digital race knocking at their door.

JOTS- Our Indoor
Positioning Platform

What is JOTS?

BOSCH-Joni On The Spot (BOSCH JOTS) is a key technological component of context-aware recommendations enabled by IERO. JOTS is a robust and reliable for a range of deployments, with little or no additional infrastructure required.

What can JOTS do for you?

It is an end-to-end, edge based indoor positioning platform. It incorporates proprietary machine learning algorithms that intelligently synthesize signals obtained from Wi-Fi, BLE, magnetic and inertial sensors through approaches like fingerprinting.

How does JOTS help your business?

Location based insights provide a comprehensive view of users’ interaction with the indoor spaces. Such physical analytics provide actionable insights that allow businesses to act in real time at the right moment.

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